There is a lot of new research available online into the benefits of Early Years Intervention, Music and Literacy and the benefits of Music in the Nursery. The following selection I have found particularly informative:

Musical Training Influences Linguistic Abilities in 8-Year-Old Children

Music and the brain: three links to language

Relating Pitch Awareness to Phonemic Awareness in Children: Implications for Tone-Deafness and Dyslexia

Benefits of Music and Movement for Children

Implementing a Musical Program to Promote Preschool Children’s Vocabulary Development

The Effects of Singing and Chanting on the Reading Achievement and Attitudes of first graders.   K.H.Cochran 2008

The Effects of Music Instruction on Emergent Literacy Capacities among Preschool Children: A Literature Review

Phonemic Awareness and Musical Pitch Discrimination: Related?  A Strout 2004

Can Music be used to teach Reading?  R.Butzlaff   2000

Can Music Instruction Affect Children’s Cognitive Development?  (Commentary on recent research)

The Impact of Music Therapy to Promote Positive Parenting and Child Development   Jan M. Nicholson


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