Perhaps more than any other subject, Music has in recent years had to justify its place in the school curriculum in terms of its collateral benefits in other domains.

Although I firmly believe that Music is a discipline worthy of study in its own right, the enquiry into its positive side effects has led to a wealth of research that can influence and inform how we use it.

Especially now that holistic school curricula such as Curriculum for Excellence here in Scotland ask that core skills such as Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Well being are delivered across all subjects, a knowledge of the connections that exist between Music and other learning domains can only be an advantage.

The following pages contain a selection of research papers and articles that I have found useful. They include individual studies, designed to test specific assertions; meta-studies collating and comparing the findings of studies in a particular key area; and commentaries.

Research falls generally into the areas of:

  • Neuroscientific studies (music and brain function)
  • Educational studies of the impact of music on other domains
  • Psychological research (How music influences perception)

Handle with caution and enjoy!

For further information, click here to visit the Reading List page.


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