Welcome to engagewithmusic
the website of musician and composer David Trouton.

For more than 20 years now, I’ve been lucky enough to earn a living writing music for theatre.

Along the way, I’ve become fascinated with how music influences our emotions, alters our perception of events and helps to tell stories.

More recently I’ve been sharing my ideas on this with children and their teachers in courses and projects that use music to enhance pre-reading skills, develop emotional literacy and encourage cross-curricular learning.

Exploring how music helps to tell stories is an extremely productive and creative way to help children engagewithmusic.

The site contains detailed information on the education projects, courses and resources that are available at present, as well as links to the research and evaluation materials that inform my work. There are also clips of original music for you to listen to as you browse.

Music and Me

Music and Me is a new resource developed specifically for Nursery staff that explores effective ways of using music to develop a wide range of emotional literacy and pre-reading skills.

A limited print run of the Music and Me resource and CD is available to order at £22.50 per copy (including p&p). To order your copies, please contact me by email via the Contact page.

For further information on Music and Me, please visit here.

Music in Transition


Music in Transition is a new resource developing and expanding the approach used in Music and Me, with new sound stories, songs, and games, as well as making activities, imaginary journeys and ideas for projects that span the transition.

The resource is the outcome of a 6 month project in 8 West Lothian schools, which enabled me to follow groups of pre-school pupils in their final term of nursery into the first term of their primary 1 year, exploring the themes and issues arising during this time of change.

Music in Transition is designed for use by Nursery and Primary 1 staff, extending this music-based, active-learning approach into the Primary setting, affording opportunities for collaboration between nursery and P1 teachers, and continuity of learning across the transition.

For further information on Music in Transition, please visit here.

Please feel free to wander around and you will hopefully find something of specific interest.

Most importantly, I’m here to exchange ideas, so please feel free to comment, question, criticise, contest, suggest, request and otherwise contribute via the comments box in each section or on the Blog page.

Thanks for visiting.

Happy engagement!


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    Love your work old friend

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