Contemporary Research

There is a wealth of contemporary research in Music Education, Music Psychology and Music and the Brain available online.

Here is a selection of papers, abstracts and articles that I have found useful in informing many projects in schools:

Musical Training Influences Linguistic Abilities in 8-Year-Old Children

Music and the brain: three links to language (A D Patel)

Relating Pitch Awareness to Phonemic Awareness in Children: Implications for Tone-Deafness and Dyslexia

Does Music Education Enhance the Developing Brain and Academic Achievement?(R P Martin)

Benefits of Music and Movement for Children–movementent.cfm

Implementing a Musical Program to Promote Preschool Children’sVocabulary Development ( I Moyeda)

How non-music majors experience the value of participating in music.  R.Bures

The Effects of Singing and Chanting on the Reading Achievement and Attitudes of first graders.   K.H.Cochran 2008

The Effects of Music Instruction on Emergent Literacy Capacities among Preschool Children: A Literature Review

Phonemic Awareness and Musical Pitch Discrimination: Related? A Strout 2004

Can Music be used to teach Reading?  R.Butzlaff 2000

Can Music Instruction Affect Children’s Cognitive Development?  (Commentary)

The power of music: its impact on the intellectual, social and personal development of children and young people  S. Hallam (Summary)

Music Psychologists Adrian North and David Hargreaves have written many fascinating papers on the effect of music on consumer behaviour.

Their book is highly recommended:

The Social and Applied Psychology of Music by A. North and D. Hargreaves

OUP 2008     ISBN-10: 0198567421

Here are some links to abstracts of individual papers:

The Effect of Musical Style on Restaurant Customers’ Spending

Adrian C North, Amber Shilcock, and David J Hargreaves

The influence of in-store music on wine selections.

By North, Adrian C.; Hargreaves, David J.; McKendrick, Jennifer

And this very interesting discussion of the potential dangers of a systematic explicit approach to teaching social and emotional skills:

The curious case of the tail wagging the dog

Carol Craig, Centre for Wellbeing, Glasgow. Feb 2009.


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  1. Park Matrolley says:

    Hey David, love the site – congrats! Thought you might like to take a look at this episode (3) of Oxford in Voice looking at the relationship between music and the bwain:
    Sparky x

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