Music and Me Staff evaluation

The Music and Me nursery resource has been in use for at least one full school year in East Lothian, West Lothian, Mid-Lothian and Stirling local authorities.

As part of a comprehensive evaluation process, the roll-out programme includes support visits to monitor the use of Music and Me in the classroom, and questionnaires completed by nursery staff at the end of summer term to evaluate their experience of using the resource and its longer term impact on their pupils.

Click on a report link below to download a pdf of the full Staff Evaluation Report for each authority.

Music and Me evaluation EAST LOTHIAN

Music and Me evaluation MIDLOTHIAN

Music and Me evaluation STIRLING

Comments about Music and Me

“Music and Me really harnesses the four capacities within Curriculum for Excellence and gets children off to a great start in music. The pack is accessible to all Nursery Staff, regardless of their previous musical background and early evaluations suggest that they are finding it easy to use.

It has been a great privilege to work with Dave Trouton in the production of this pack and his enthusiasm and dedication to music for young children shines through.

Music and Me captures the imagination of young children and is aimed at exactly the correct level to ensure that above all else music is fun!”

Patrick Holden, Principal Teacher of Primary Music Specialists, East Lothian Council

“An age appropriate resource which will be very useful to all staff.”

Nursery Teacher, West Lothian

“I have been a cultural co-ordinator for over 9 years and worked in many schools. Through YMI funding I ran a series of early years music workshops and associated CPD sessions that were always oversubscribed. This made me aware of the need for opportunities in music for nurseries, but more importantly of developing skills amongst early years staff.

Music and Me is a wonderful pack that has been rolled out to every nursery in West Lothian with associated workshops and CPD sessions for teachers.

It’s a wonderfully written book with easy to follow symbols and suggestions providing lots of ideas on warm up games and active listening to stories and sounds all accompanied with music on a CD. There is now no excuse for any nursery pupil not to be hopping like a rabbit or scurrying like a mouse to music with a confident teacher leading the way!”

Nancy Douglas, Cultural Co-ordinator, West Lothian Council

“Music and Me enables Nursery staff to deliver music lessons that help develop children’s emotional literacy and pre-reading skills, as well as preparing them for the challenging transition from Nursery to Primary school.”

Extract from Creative Scotland showcase


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