Music and Me

Music and Me is a new resource developed specifically for Nursery staff that explores effective ways of using music to develop a wide range of emotional literacy and pre-reading skills.

It is the outcome of an intensive pilot project connecting the best contemporary research in early years development with the best classroom practice.

The content is explicitly correlated with the learning outcomes and experiences of Curriculum for Excellence and was devised in close collaboration with nursery teachers.

Music and Me takes an intuitive approach to music making and is designed to include everyone, regardless of their level of musical ability.

The 60-page Music and Me book and CD is a structured collection of fun, engaging activities that can be easily incorporated into the classroom routine:

  • Warm-up games
  • Active listening games and activities
  • Group music making
  • Developing a vocabulary of emotions
  • Sound stories
  • Singing
  • Relaxation

Music and Me CD sample – “Shopping Song”

Aims and Outcomes

To encourage:

  • Active listening and concentration
  • Sharing and turn taking
  • Carrying out instructions
  • Leading and following
  • Co-operation and collaboration
  • Self-expression


  • Developing fine listening and pattern recognition in preparation for reading
  • enhancing emotional and imaginative development
  • expressing ideas, values and feelings
  • encouraging creativity
  • increasing self-confidence and self-esteem

Sample pages from Music and Me


A fully comprehensive CPD programme is available to introduce and support the Music and Me resource and CD and offer practical suggestions on how best to use this resource in the classroom.


The Music and Me resource and CD is currently available to order at £22.50 per copy (including p&p).

To order your copies of Music and Me and to find out more about the CPD programme, please contact me by email via the Contact page.


2 Responses to Music and Me

  1. Issi Baxter says:

    Well done Dave – The chidren, staff and I are still enjoying using Music & Me. It’s a fantastic resource & I’d recommend it to any nursery.
    Best Wishes

  2. Susan carruthers says:

    I am the pre school supervisor at big bird nursery in whitburn, west Lothian and I am looking for some more information about your ‘music and me’ Cpd training. Can you let me know the cost, what it includes and how the training would be set up? Music and me looks so exciting and I think our nursery would greatly benefit from our staff taking part in your training as we are currently concentrating on developing out literacy within the pre school room.
    Susan carruthers

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